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Delimbe seeder T15e 120L

  • $3,850.00

The Delimbe T15 seeder is a multi-purpose 12 volt applicator for distributing most small seeds up to 20 feet wide.


120 liter tank capacity (3.40 bushels)

9 outlet air distributor                              

Empty weight: 88 pounds                      

Dimensions: 23 inch wide                        

                      31 inch high                                           

                     24 inch deep                                              

Blower pipe: 25mm diameter               

Supply voltage:12 volts motor

 Two control systems are available:

1. Standard includes control box with on/off and speed variation for calibration. 

2. Additional option BSelf contained GPS control system


Fit the Delimbe T15 air seeder in the centre of the implement and check it is securely bolted into position.

The 120 litre seeder draws air in below the fan unit so allow room for air to circulate and avoid putting a flat plate directly under the unit.

When fitting the pipes to the outlets the pipes should always slope downhill to avoid any potential blockages.

The spreader plates can be instal with an seperate distance up to 36 inch. 

If sufficient power is not provided from the socket within the tractor cab, then source power direct from the tractor battery and protect with a 30 amp fuse.

Three types of seed rotor are include with the seeder depending on the size of seed to be sown. Green for small seeds, stainless steel (yellow) for larger seeds and red for large seeds and grass seed.



All applicators are calibrated in kilogrammes per hour.

The calibration calculation is:

Working width(meter) x forward speed (kilometer/hour) which gives you hectares per hour. Multiply the hectares per hour by the desired seed rate and the result is the kilogrammes per hour. Look in the settings table for the chosen rotor and the kg/hr has a number which relates to the dial setting on the control box.


A Delimbe T15 120 liter mounted on a 3 metre cultivator seeding alfalfa with a green rotor traveling at 10km/hour at a seed rate of 4kg/hectare:

3 metre x 10 km/hr = 30,000 m2 = 3.0 ha/hour

3 ha/hr x 4 kg/ha = 12 kg/hr

12 kg/hr in the green rotor settings table is between dial setting 8 or 9 on the dial. Set the dial between 8 and 9 on the control box dial. 

Check the calibration setting. Put the ends of the pipes in a bucket or bag, run the applicator for one minute, collect the seed, weigh it and multiply by 60 to check the flow rate per hour. If necessary adjust the control box variator up or down and run the test again to check the flow rate